Giving to God's Work

We give because God gave first

Giving to God's work

Giving to Gods Work is first and foremost a believers responsibility. If your not a believer do not give because you think it will help, it will not, God doesn’t need your money.

 We would rather you come and visit, give yourself first, then get to know why you give.

If you’re a believer or non believer and choose to give online please do so here without obligation. And may the Lord bless you as you give towards his work, the saving of lost souls, won For Christ.

Getting started with our new online Giving App (RebelGive)

  • We've launched a new giving platform
  • The new platform provides the following features:
  • One-time gifts
  • recurring giving
  • credit card giving
  • bank giving
  • donor managed account
  • We've adopted this new platform to save on fees associated with digital giving so that we can be better stewards of your generous gifts
  • To help our church receive 100% of the gifts, our donors will be asked to cover the small transaction fees. 
  • Transitioning is simple! If you forget everything else, just remember you can get started on our church's website.
  • The following 8 slides will take you through a typical giving experience

Step One - Start the Giving app